Renting a Bangsar South Condo Series #6

Learn to Love Your Neighbours 

This is the fifth post in an 6-part series on Renting A Condo In Bangsar South. Previously, I’ve listed the factors to consider that influence your renting decision and discussed the impact of amenities on your decision whether to rent a property and covered guide to choosing a furnished or unfurnished house for rent in Bangsar South and given you the tips for picking a furnished condo near Bangsar South and analyzing the pros and cons of renting a house and service apartment in Bangsar South. Here, I’ll focus on another essential tips for renting a Bangsar South Condominium: Learn to Love Your Neighbours. Be considerate and blend into the community!

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Renting a Bangsar South Condominium is great for people who aren’t ready to buy a home or who don’t have the money to do so for the convenience it has to offer. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to renting these types of dwelling. One of the biggest issues is conflicts with neighbours. There are some people who build close friendships with their neighbors and they never have any issue, however, this is unusual. Most tenants will say that they have had at least one negative experience with their neighbours. In some cases, avoid the issues makes things worse. In others, talking about the issues makes things worse. To avoid the tension that neighbour issues can bring, there are a few steps that you can take.

Paper Thin Walls

Most modern service apartments have a good amount of insulation that will drown out the sounds of the neighbours. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for neighbours to listen music, the television, and conversations in the unit next door. This is because the units are close to each other and many service apartments and condos are set up so there is one shared wall between tenants. To keep your paper thin walls from causing a fight, you should try to avoid making too much noise at night or in the early morning when you think that people are asleep.

Be Considerate Of Your Neighbours

If you want to avoid fights with your neighbours, you should be considerate. There is nothing wrong with listening to music in your condominium, however, you should keep the volume low. Just because you want to listen to music, it doesn’t mean that your neighbours do. If you are planning to throw a party in your unit, you should understand that you are responsible for the behaviour and the actions of your guests. It is up to you to make sure that your guests are doing anything to upset our neighbours.

If You Have An Unusual Schedule

If you have an unusual schedule and you work at night and sleep during the day, it can make living in a service apartment building difficult. You cannot expect your neighbours to be quiet during the day because you are sleeping. Most people listen to their music, watch television, vacuum the home, and entertain friends during the hours that you would be asleep. If you ask your neighbours to be quiet during the day, you could be asking for trouble.


If you want to make things easier on yourself without needing to create tension between you and your neighbours, there are a few things that you can do. First, you can start wearing earplugs to bed so that you won’t hear what is going on in the apartments around you. Also, you can start using a white noise machine to drown the sounds out. Also, if you are home and awake when your neighbours are asleep due to your unusual schedule, you should try to keep it down. The last thing that you want is an argument because you are making too much noise.

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