Renting A Bangsar South Condo Series #5

Rent A House Or A Service Apartment In Bangsar South?

This is the fifth post in an 6-part series on Renting A Condo In Bangsar South. Previously, I’ve listed the factors to consider that influence your renting decision and discussed the impact of amenities on your decision whether to rent a property and covered guide to choosing a furnished or unfurnished house for rent in Bangsar South and given you the tips for picking a furnished condo near Bangsar South. Here, I will focus on another core Bangsar South property renting factor: Choosing between a house or a service apartment. Learn the pros and cons!

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Making of a decision on whether to rent a house or a service apartment becomes a bit difficult for some tenants when it comes to diversified Bangsar South Property. There are various disadvantages and advantages of each of the given options. The tenant should therefore be able to carefully put this into considerations before making his decision. Whether or not a landed house or a service apartment is ideal for a given tenant, it largely will depend on their choices and preferences in the current living situation needs. For some tenants, renting a house is perfect while for some others, service apartment best fits their home needs. In this article, I will be able to examine the disadvantages and advantages of both situations to help tenants be able to make an informed decision based on diversified type of Bangsar South Property that becomes of more benefit to them.

The disadvantages and advantages of renting a house

There are various advantages of renting a house compared to a service apartment. Among the main advantages is that the house affords the tenants who are unable to purchase a house the chance to live in a house for some affordable price. Secondly, renting a house offers the tenant other more options. Service apartments always offer standard in terms of number of bedrooms, the size and the number of bathrooms. Tenants who might be in need of a service apartment with for example three bedrooms and five bathrooms may find it difficult to get such a service apartment though it is very possible to find landed house with such specifications. Location too is among the advantages of a landed house. Service apartments are mostly found in some highly commercial areas while most of the landed houses are available in the residential areas. Most tenants prefer such places since it often makes the dwelling feel secluded. Most of the landed houses have a backyard which most tenants with pets or even children prefer. The tenancy period for a given landed house is another major disadvantages of renting a house. Though a contract is able to protect the rights of a tenant for a given time, there is no guarantee that the given home owner will allow some more time for the contract taking into account the existing terms. This is an implication that when the tenancy is over, the tenant then receives notice that they will not be able to live in the given house in the future. However such a situation is very rare in a service apartments and tenants have a high confidence that they will be able to renew their tenancy at any time upon expiring.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting a Service Apartment

The most vital advantage of renting of renting a service apartment is the available amenities. Such amenities include pools, exercise room, saunas, hot hubs, theaters and meeting rooms. Security. The rental for a service apartment is higher compared to that of a landed house. Though the service apartment is a bit smaller while more expensive, most tenants find them as the preferred option taking into consideration the security it has to offer. One of the disadvantages of service apartment include lack of privacy. Most service apartments share walls with their neighbours. This threatens the living quality of most tenants since your neighbours can monitor your properties from outside. Another disadvantage of living in a service apartment is noisy neighbours.

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