Renting A Bangsar South Condo Series #4

See beyond the furnishings

This is the fourth post in an 6-part series on Renting A Condo In Bangsar South. Previously, I’ve listed the factors to consider that influence your renting decision and discussed the impact of amenities on your decision whether to rent a property and covered guide to choosing a furnished or unfurnished house for rent in Bangsar South. Here, I will focus on another essential factor for picking a condo near Bangsar South: Don’t be fooled by the furnishings. Tenants are too often drawn towards choosing a furnished service apartment. Understand and learn how to avoid that! 

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Most tenants who view condo near Bangsar South are mostly led to the furnished ones which have been tastefully decorated. Though the furnishing in the given service apartments are normally aesthetically appealing, they are too able to serve other purposes as well. This other purpose is mainly to make the given room looks larger than it really is. There are some furnishing and décor techniques which contribute to the larger appearance of a room compared to its normal size. The amount of furniture, the size of bed and the layout of the given furniture are the main consideration when choosing on a condo near Bangsar South. This article mainly covers this considerations and has been able to provide some useful information which can be used by tenants trying to do an evaluation of some furnished service apartment.

1. The size of the bed

The determination of the size of bed in a service apartment is very vital for the evaluation of the apartment. If not sure for the size of bed used in the given model, it is advisable that you consult the leasing agent for a clarification. This is mainly important since for example, if the given apartment model fits a full size bed and you had a king size, it will be a bit difficult in the assumption about the bedroom size. There might be no noticeable difference between queen size bed and a full size. However, tenants should beware that a queen bed leaves some little free space in the bedroom. If the bed which best fits the given service apartment is of different size with your bed, it is advisable that you take measurements for you to determine whether your bed fits the given bedroom size.

2. Furniture

When viewing a furnished service apartment, it is recommended that you check whether there is enough furniture. Take for example, a room with a kitchen table with two chairs instead of four. This may make the given room look larger though you can be disappointed when you shift in. You should as well consider the furniture in other rooms.

3. Does the given layout make some sense?

Tenants should be able to consider carefully the layout of the furniture in a given furnished service apartment. A service apartment may have all the furniture required in a room. However, such furniture can be placed in some manner which is not so appealing. Let’s say for example consider a family room. There may be a television set, an entertainment center, two ends table and a coffee table. Nevertheless, if these furniture and are wrongly positioned, the appearance can be quite deceiving. Most tenants are able to arrange their furniture in some manner which makes it conducive viewing television as well as for conversations. If your television cannot be viewed from any seat in the room, the room arrangement is quite unnatural. The room is most likely not the type which most tenants prefer hence since it does not offer some accurate of how the given space can be maximally used.

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