Renting A Bangsar South Condo Series #3

Furnished or unfurnished?

This is the third post in an 6 part-series on Renting A Bangsar South Condo. Previously, I’ve listed the factors to consider that influence your renting decision and discussed the impact of amenities on your decision whether to rent a property. Here I’ll focus on another essential factor in finding your first house for rent in Bangsar South. Tenants are often faced with the decision to choose whether an unfurnished or a furnished service apartment. Most of the available house for rent in Bangsar South are usually furnished though some others are unfurnished. There comes some situations in which you will have to choose a furnished service apartment. However, there comes other situations where the unfurnished work best. We will discuss the various situations which favour such situations aimed at helping both readers and tenants in the determination of whether or not to rent an unfurnished or furnished service apartment.

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What does furnished mean?

This may bring about some different meanings to different people. Some of the tenants expect that a service apartment which is furnished should have each and every room well-furnished with wide varieties of furniture. Distinctive furnishing entails a dresser, a bed, kitchen chairs, kitchen table, end tables, coffee table, couch, an entertainment center, DVD player, a television, stereo equipment, nightstands and alarm clock with a built in radio. It may have some dining furniture such as kitchen cabinet, dining chairs and a dining table. Some other tenants believe that a well furnished service apartment has the only necessary furnishing which include chairs, a couch, a bed and kitchen table. This eliminates all electrical appliances and the deemed furniture which are decorative in nature such as nightstands, end tables and a coffee table.

When is a furnished service apartment a good idea?

A furnished service apartment is a good idea for and popular amongst the expats who have limited term employment contract in Malaysia. Such audiences usually do not have furniture for themselves. This then makes renting a furnished service apartment economical compared to buying some new furniture. However, the overall cost of living in a furnished service apartment is higher since the tenants pay more.

When is the unfurnished service apartment a good idea?

The various situations which makes an unfurnished service apartment a good idea includes, the situation when the tenant has enough furniture to furnish the whole apartment. In such a condition, finding a furnished service apartment will not be of any help since the tenant will be forced to find a store for keeping their own furniture. This storage cost adds up very quickly. The tenant will probably pay some higher rent to store in the furnished service apartment. This situation also favors a tenant who is in search of their own furniture and has been able to save some cash for the very purpose. The tenant prefers an unfurnished service apartment and once they possess it, they immediately purchase their furniture.

Storing extra furniture

The tenants with their own furniture and would like to live in a furnished service apartment should be able to consider whether or not they can afford to pay some extra cost for storing the extra furniture. However, there are other options which include; Give away or sell the currently owned furniture or store the furniture by themselves which are provided in the service apartment. While all the above options are valid, the tenant should be able to consider what best suits them. Tenants can also consider donating the furniture or pay the extra cost of storage.

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