Renting A Bangsar South Condo Series #1

Finding A Condo For Rent In Bangsar South

As there is lack of such materials in the local real estate scene, we decided to publish a series of posts about renting a Bangsar South Condo. In this series, I will go over the various aspects that will help you hunting for a condo for rent in Bangsar South. For those who have not yet purchased a home of their own, renting a service apartment is the next best solution for their situation. Just like owning a home, renting also comes with its perks such as a functional living space for its occupants to live, eat, sleep and entertain. Additionally, renting offers additional recreational spaces such as swimming pools, social gathering spaces, and social health fitness centers such as gyms. While some of these amenities might be optional and are not readily available in all condo for rent in Bangsar South, you can find a service apartment that exceeds your basic needs at a budget-friendly price.

The Author

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In the article below, we look at some of the common aspects to consider when finding a condo for rent in Bangsar South. The article takes into consideration a myriad of vital factors that range from budget, requirements, location, and amenities. The key to finding your ideal service apartment is striking a balance between all these factors. For instance, having a rental with a Jacuzzi, a sauna and an on-site theater is exhilarating. However, these options may not be readily available within your budget range, and you need to realize that you have to make some compromises, which include realizing that not all the desired amenities are feasible with your current budget.

Set Your Budget

Budget is one of the primary concerns for a majority of those seeking to find a condo for rent in Bangsar South. When it comes to cost, tenants should first narrow their search to service apartments that are well within their budget range. Also, it may is worthwhile to search for service apartments that are slightly above your budget limit, as the vacancy rate may allow you to negotiate for the price in your favor. Also, you might decide to cough a little extra for certain amenities such as a larger living space, choice location or desirable amenities.


An ideal location should be that is not far away from your place of work, from your family, or leisure activities. Bangsar South City is located right in between KL and PJ. However, location is more of a personal preference. For instance, those who value their families may choose a location that is near their place of work because it will afford them time to spend with their loved ones. And for those who are addicted to certain sports or leisure activities may choose to find a location that has access to those activities, i.e., those who love city lifestyle may choose a location that is near the shopping mall, while those who love nature walks and serenity may choose a location, say, far away from city living in the outbound. 

Requirements And Amenities

Lastly, tenants should consider the amenities available in a service apartment. Some of the major requirements criteria include the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, or the minimum square footage. These criteria are requirements that the tenants feel must be available to function in the service apartment. For example, tenants with a family of 2-3 children have different dwelling requirement compared to a tenant who is single with regards to the number of rooms. When it comes to amenities, a tenant should consider what some of the auxiliary features that they would like to have in place are. Some of the common amenities to factor in your search include the presence of an exercise facility, swimming pool, social gathering center, or home theater. Again, tenants should make careful consideration on what amenity they think is most important to them.

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