Renting a Bangsar South Condo Series #2

Lifestyle Amenities Or Basic Facility

This is the second post in an 6 part series on Renting a Bangsar South Condo Series. Previously, I’ve shared with you the art of finding a condo for rent in Bangsar South that will suit all your needs and discussed the priority of concerns from a tenant’s perspective. Here, I’ll focus on another essential tips for renting a bangsar south condo: Lifestyle Amenities Or Basic Facility? Learn to understand yourself from a tenant’s perspective.

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What Amenities Do You Really Need?

The amenities that a condominium has to offer can often be the deciding factor for many people when deciding whether or not to rent a property. The amenities that are available can make a property with a lower rent more appealing, whereas a property with a higher rent, which may take a tenant above their budget, may be made more appealing because of the extra amenities it has. However, do the extra amenities outweigh the extra cost? Before making a final decision, the tenants should carefully consider not only their budget and personal preferences, but also take into account the amenities a property has that are deemed necessary and which ones it possesses that are classed as highly desirable extras. Only then can tenants make an informed final decision.

What Amenities Do You Really Want?

Although many rental properties offer amenities that are not considered necessary, there are some amenities which some tenants would not consider rent a property without, such as a gym facility, for example. While a gym facility is not necessary for most tenants, many prefer to have this facility. Why is it considered necessary by some? Well without this facility in the property, many tenants would have to join a gym to use their facilities, which may be also a considerable distance away from the property. Gym membership and travel costs will undoubtedly increase the renters’ monthly outgoings. Therefore, a gym facility, by many, is considered a worthwhile facility in a property. Some tenants may only consider renting a property that has a swimming pool. Again, while not considered a necessity, for tenants who live in areas that have a warmer climate, many would not consider renting any property that does not have access to a swimming pool.

Will You Pay for Extra Amenities

In addition to the necessary amenities a tenant needs, there are also those amenities that are classed as optional extras that the tenant desires to have, such as a movie theater. A property that does not have this facility may be less appealing to prospective tenants than a property that has one. A meeting room may also be a highly sought after amenity at a condominium which tenants will pay extra for, especially if they frequently host guests at home as it will afford them the extra space that they need. With such a room they may be able to entertain up to eight people or more whereas, if they had to stay in their condominium this would not be possible. The most important decision for a tenant to make will be to decide how much they are willing to pay for the amenities they have access to. How do they know if they are paying too much for the amenities they have access to? Tenants can check on comparison shopping sites to determine if they are paying too much for their amenities.


Tenants who are considering renting a condominium of a similar size within the same geographical area should not only consider the price of the condominium but also the amenities it has on offer. Condominiums that are of a similar size within the same area should be fairly close in price. However, one that has a greater range of amenities, such as having a fitness room, movie theater or meeting room, may warrant a higher rent than those properties that do not. Before starting to look for a condominium, tenants should list the amenities that they require and use this in making comparisons in price. This will also help the tenant to determine whether they are willing to pay a higher rent for extra amenities or not. Tenants who determine that having access to extra amenities that they do not necessarily need and which are not worth paying the higher price tag for are more likely to opt for a more affordable condominium that has less flamboyant amenities.

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